Monday, February 10, 2014

Anker E5 Portable Battery Backup Review - No More Dead Cell Phones

Most kayak anglers I know and fish with rely heavily on their smart phones. I am no different.  The technology has greatly enhanced how we fish.  Unfortunately, using those cool GPS apps, monitoring radar, or finding that secret spot on Google Earth greatly reduces battery life.  Having a dead phone also represents a huge safety concern for me as well since I often fish alone.
With hopes of solving this dilemma, I purchased the Anker E5 portable battery backup.  I have been using it successful now for the last 3 months. All I can say is wow!  The Anker E5 is a monster and has completely eliminated low battery life on my IPhone.  Bring on GPS, Google Earth, radar, Facebook, Flappy Bird apps and finding “Put-Put”.  My iPhone now stays completely charged all day with zero concerns.  
The Anker E5 is a dual USB ultra-high capacity (15000mAh) rechargeable battery backup.  Which means it can charge any smart phone almost 7 times from zero to 100% or a tablet device 3-4 times.  I have personally fished all day and maintained a 100% charge on my phone and subsequently charged my IPad and my iPhone 4 additional times without the Anker E5 dropping below 50% capacity. There are a lot of things I personally like about the device.
1.   It’s compact and fits easily in my Hobie center hatch keeping it protected from the elements. Allows me to keep my phone plugged in and charging while fishing.
2.   The Anker E5 is also rechargeable. It’s supplied with a micro USB to USB2 cable that allows you to recharge from your computer, USB wall charger or vehicle charger.
3.   The battery capacity is unbelievable. I often go weeks without having to recharge it.
4.   The price is under $50 with free shipping from Amazon. Great deal for the sound of mind it provides. Amazon: Anker E5 15000mAh Battery Backup.
5.   Anker produces some of the finest battery backup devices on the market. All of their products have extremely high ratings on Amazon.
6.   The LED lights provide a battery capacity indicator (100, 75, 50, 25%). It even has a very bright LED flashlight built in.
7.   The dual USB charging outlets allows you to charge multiple devices if needed.  I am thinking of connecting my LED lights to it as well.
Overall, I would highly recommend this device to anyone who has struggled with fishing all day and keeping their cell phone charged.  I am very happy with the performance and it’s become an essential item when I’m on the water.


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