Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Minimalist Challenge VII …. In every way possible

Minimalist Challenge VII …. In every way possible

The Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club kicked off 2014 with their first tournament of the year appropriately tagged as Minimalist Challenge VII. MC 7 is the first of a 5 tournament series for BCKFC Angler of the Year sponsored by Pack & Paddle and Texas Tackle Factory The tournament format is unique as each Angler is provided with only a handful of lures to use and nothing else. To add to the challenge, the tournament is a shotgun start.
Unfortunately, the day proved to be minimal in every way possible. A combination of low temperatures and extremely low, dirty water produced zero fish for me to weigh in. With nearly 80 registered participants, roughly only a dozen Anglers actually caught fish.
As daylight slowly rose on the horizon I was shocked on how low the water levels truly were. In addition, a falling tide seemed to turn normally hidden oyster reefs and productive coves into vast mud flats. Needless to say I was excited to see signs of Redfish in a nearby cut. However, the grinding sound coming from beneath my Kayak spooked them. The others were simply not interested.
I fished hard the rest of the morning but simply could not find any significant water. It was a very tough fishing day but I truly enjoyed the tournament format. I push myself to learn and take away some knowledge from every tournament. MC 7 was definitely a learning experience.  I am looking forward to MC8 next year, but for now I can’t wait for some warmer temps and some actual water…
MC7 awarded over $1700 in total prizes. Congratulations, to this year’s winners. It was a very well earned victory!
1st Place – Denis Soigner
2nd Place – Charlie Daigle
3rd Place – Doug Menefee
4th Place – Chris Cox
5th Place – Randy Robichaux 

Big Fish – Clayton Shilling
Leopard Red – George Hogan Jr.

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