Monday, September 2, 2013

PAC Perfect Day!

Maybe its glass smooth water, the reflection of a beautiful morning sunrise or a perfectly placed first cast but there is something that gives you a feeling the moment you get on the water that it’s  just going to be a good day.
Today was my perfect day at PAC. My first cast zipped flawlessly into the small cut as I braced myself for the action I hoped was lurking beneath. Within seconds the familiar jerk of a redfish had my drag singing and I knew it was the start of a good day. The LSU colored Killer Flats Minnow went repeatedly to war with several undersized Reds until finally matching up with a 24” brute that would contest both our skills and my earlier success. After repeated runs he rolled to the surface as my net slipped under him and the battle was complete. As the day grew hotter so did the action.  I maneuvered quietly into the opening of a familiar pond and found the water buzzing with activity and rippling wakes of tailing Reds. My Killer Flats Minnow went back to work landing a few nicer slot Reds edging me closer to an early morning limit. Filling my last slot wouldn’t take long but not before losing a monster that I battled for several minutes only to end with a broken line and losing my Purple and Chartreuse colored soldier.
The action remained non-stop as I enticed a few more undersized Reds with my Geaux to colors and completed my limit by 10:30 with a final 22” challenger.  Satisfied with my 5 wins, I switched over to conservationist mode tagging a few additional Reds and sending them back to fight another day. These were my first Reds tagged since signing up for the Louisiana TAG Program.  There was a huge sense of accomplishment tagging and releasing those few Reds knowing that in some small way, I was able to give something back and be thankful for the rewards I was able to take with me. I closed out my trip by hooking up with two more huge Reds late morning but once again a broken line and a strong will ended the battle before I could claim success.
It was an outstanding trip and makes up for all the other slow days we endure. I am already looking forward to my next fishing trip and enjoying everything (PAC) Point Aux Chenes has to offer.Special thanks to Torrey (Ltprod) from BCKFC for sharing in another VooDoo Kayak Fishing Adventure.

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  1. It was an awesome day, great writing from a great guy!!!